This room is located in Carnegie Mansion.

Right now there are 21 objects in this room out of the 533 that have ever been here.

  • GoatMan, 2014-2016
  • back leg protheses, photograph, book, video.
  • Courtesy of Thomas Thwaites.
  • NATURE.009
  • BabyLegs, 2017-2019
  • babylegs trawl, petri dishes with microplastic samples gathered from the....
  • Courtesy of Max Liboiron.
  • NATURE.014
  • Mourn, 2017-ongoing
  • urn for over-fertilized soil, urn for rich soil, urn for poor soil,....
  • Courtesy of the Energy and Raw Materials Factory initiated by the Dutch Water....
  • NATURE.016
  • Personal Food Computer, 2018-ongoing
  • personal food computers v3.0 (pfc_edu) (2), graphic, empty growth chamber, video.
  • Courtesy of MIT Media Lab Open Agriculture Initiative.
  • NATURE.021