This exhibition was on display from February 23, 2018 to September 09, 2018.

There were 45 objects in this exhibition but right now we can only show you 42 of them. Some objects may not be viewable because they were on loan; this might be due to issues involving image rights or simply because there is no digitized image for the objects.

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Connected by Design. Bob Greenberg, cofounder of the digital advertising agency R/GA and 2003 winner of the National Design Award for Communication, brings together 42 innovative works from Cooper Hewitt’s collection, in addition to works from his personal archive, to explore creativity in the age of technology. Technology is always evolving, and the pace of change has become staggering. As it evolves, technology also disrupts–challenging our expectations for how an object functions. For instance, innovations in computer processors, materials science, and communications infrastructure drove the development from the first handheld cellular phone–Motorola’s Dynatac 8000x (1983) to the multifunctional Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (2017). Disruption also generates novel collaborations between industries, such as fashion and mechanical engineering with the Nike+ Fuelband (2012). As we have entered the connected age, new disciplines, like experience and interface design, have opened up new creative collaborations. As technology becomes ever more complex, designers consistently rely on a set of clarifying ground rules, such as working reductively to find the essence of a form and centering on a user’s needs. Guiding principles like these have shaped the design of objects in this gallery and the innovative work pioneered by R/GA. Presented in four groupings—Dieter Rams’s Ten Principles for Good Design, Connected Devices, Disruptive Innovations, and Measurement and Calculation—these examples of multidisciplinary design from around the world illustrate through form, style, and function how technological innovation has advanced over the last 65 years.

  • SX-70 Camera And Case, 1972
  • polysulfone plastic with a layer of copper-nickel-chromium alloy, applied....
  • Museum purchase through gift of Neil Sellin.
  • 1999-2-2-a,b
  • Clock, Askew, ca. 1989
  • anodized aluminum, plastic, quartz movement.
  • Gift of Tibor Kalman/ M & Co..
  • 1993-151-29-1/4
  • AW10 Watch, 1992–93
  • stainless steel, quartz movement, glass, leather band.
  • Gift of Dieter Rams.
  • 1993-101-1
  • This object was made by Vitsoe.
  • HL1 Desk Fan, 1961
  • enameled and chrome-plated steel, plastic, acrylic.
  • Gift of Robert M. Greenberg.
  • 2017-51-9
  • Lectron Intercoms, 1967
  • molded plastic, perspex, steel and electronic components.
  • Gift of Robert M. Greenberg.
  • 2017-51-20-a,b